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  1. Louis XVI (Louis-Auguste; French pronunciation: ; 23 August 1754 - 21 January 1793) was the last king of France before the fall of the monarchy during the French Revolution.He was referred to as Citizen Louis Capet during the four months just before he was executed by guillotine.In 1765, upon the death of his father, Louis, Dauphin of France, he became the new Dauphin
  2. Ludvig XVI (fransk: Louis XVI) (født 23. august 1754, død 21. januar 1793) var Frankrikes konge fra 1774 til 1792.Han var den siste franske eneveldige konge, og ble til slutt offer for revolusjonen.Med én stemmes overvekt ble han dømt til døden, og henrettet ved giljotinering den 21. januar 1793
  3. Louis XVI (23 August 1754 - 21 January 1793) was the King of France from 1774 until 1792, when the monarchy was abolished during the French Revolution.His overthrow and execution ended a monarchy that was over 1,000 years old, although he was not the last French king.. Louis came from the House of Bourbon.He became the king at the age of 20, after the death of his grandfather Louis XV

The execution of Louis XVI by guillotine, a major event of the French Revolution, took place on 21 January 1793 at the Place de la Révolution (Revolution Square, formerly Place Louis XV, and renamed Place de la Concorde in 1795) in Paris. At a trial on 17 January 1793, the National Convention had convicted the king of high treason in a near-unanimous vote; while no one voted not guilty. Louis XVI style, also called Louis Seize, is a style of architecture, furniture, decoration and art which developed in France during the 19-year reign of Louis XVI (1774-1793), just before the French Revolution.It saw the final phase of the Baroque style as well as the birth of French Neoclassicism.The style was a reaction against the elaborate ornament of the preceding Baroque period

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  1. Louis XVI, the last king of France (1774-92) in the line of Bourbon monarchs preceding the French Revolution of 1789. The monarchy was abolished on September 21, 1792; later Louis and his queen consort, Marie-Antoinette, were guillotined on charges of counterrevolution
  2. Louis XVII (born Louis Charles, Duke of Normandy; 27 March 1785 - 8 June 1795) was the younger son of King Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Antoinette.His older brother, Louis Joseph, Dauphin of France, died in June 1789, a little over a month before the start of the French Revolution.At his brother's death he became the new Dauphin (heir apparent to the throne), a title he held until.
  3. Louis XVI and Brienne took a hostile stance against this rejection, and Louis XVI had to implement a bed of justice (Lit de justice), which automatically registered an edict in the Parlement of Paris, to ratify the desired reforms. On 8 May, two of the leading members of the Parlement of Paris were arrested
  4. Louis-seize-stil betegner den stilen som kommer til uttrykk i arkitektur, interiørkunst og møbeldesign gjennom siste delen av 1700-tallet. I Norge finner man stilen representert i tiden 1770 til 1810. Den oppsto i Frankrike etter midten av 1700-tallet, fikk sin største utbredelsen i kong Ludvig XVIs regjeringstid, 1774-92, og fikk i ettertid navn etter ham
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  6. Ludvig XVII, Louis Charles av Frankrike og også kalt Louis VI av Navarra (født 27. mars 1785 i Versailles, død 8. juni 1795 i Paris) var sønn av Marie-Antoinette og Ludvig XVI Innhold 1 Biograf
  7. Louis XVII of France (Louis Charles; 27 March 1785 - 8 June 1795) was the King of France and Navarre from 1793 to 1795. He never actually ruled. He is also known as Louis Charles, Duke of Normandy and Fils de France (son of France).. Louis Charles of France was born at the Palace of Versailles.He was the second son and the third child of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of France

Ludvig XIV (fransk Louis XIV), kalt «Solkongen» (født 5. september 1638 i den franske byen Saint-Germain-en-Laye, død 1. september 1715 i Versailles) var konge i Frankrike fra 14. mai 1643 til 1. september 1715.. Ludvig var den eldste sønnen til kong Ludvig XIII og Anna av Østerrike.Så lenge kongen var umyndig lå den reelle makt hos kardinal Mazarin, som handlet med enkedronningens. Bruk på bo.wikipedia.org ༡༦ (གྲངས་ཀ།) Bruk på bs.wikipedia.org Luj XVI, kralj Francuske; Bruk på ca.wikipedia.org Lluís XVI de França; Bruk på cs.wikipedia.org 1774; Svobodné zednářství; Bruk på cy.wikipedia.org Louis XVI, brenin Ffrainc; Bruk på da.wikipedia.org Joseph-Siffred Duplessis; Bruk på el.wikipedia.or Louis XVI (Louis Auguste; 23 August 1754 - 21 Januar 1793) wis King o Fraunce an Navarre frae 1774 till 1791, efter which he wis subsequently Keeng o the French frae 1791 tae 1792, afore his deposeetion an execution during the French Revolution.His faither, Louis, Dauphin o Fraunce, wis the son an heir apparent o Louis XV o Fraunce.Due tae the Dauphin's daith in 1765, Louis succeedit his.

Louis XVI (August 23, 1754 - January 21, 1793) was King of France and Navarre from 1774 to 1791 and as King of the French from 1791 to 1792.Suspended and arrested during the Insurrection of 10 August 1792, he was tried by the National Convention, found guilty of treason, and executed by guillotine on 21 January 1793. He was the only king of France to be executed The trial of Louis XVI. in December 1792, a key event of the French Revolution, was the trial of the former king—officially called Citizen Louis Capet since being dethroned in September—before the National Convention.He was convicted of high treason and other crimes, resulting in his execution Louis XVI dia mizaka ny zom-pirenen'i Frantsa teraka ny 23 Aogositra 1754 ary maty ny 21 Janoary 1793 tao Paris. Ny fiainany manokana. I Louis, Dauphin of France no rainy. Ny vadiny dia Marie Antoinette. Ny zanany dia Marie Thérèse of France, Louis Joseph, Dauphin of France, Louis XVII of France, Princess Sophie Hélène Béatrice of France Louis XVI (Luis chunka suqtayuq kaq) Louis-Auguste de France sutiyuq runaqa (*23 ñiqin chakra yapuy killapi - 1754 paqarisqa Versailles llaqtapi - †21 ñiqin qhulla puquy killapi 1793 wañusqa Paris llaqtapi).. 1774 watamanta Ransiya Qhapaq. Tayta: Louis Mama: María Josefina de Sajonia Ñawpaq warmi: María Antonieta Wawakuna: 4 María Teresa Carlota (20 de diciembre de 1778 - 19 de.

Media in category Louis XVI of France The following 154 files are in this category, out of 154 total. Coat of arms of Charles, Duke of Berry (1686-1714).png 206 × 363; 51 K Ludvig XVI (23. august 1754-21. januar 1793) var konge av Frankrike frå 1774 til 1792.Han var den siste franske eineveldige kongen og vart til slutt offer for den franske revolusjonen, då han vart avretta ved giljotinering den 21. januar 1793.. Han var son av dauphinen (kronprinsen Ludvig Ferdinand (1729-1765), den einaste sonen av kong Ludvig XV, og kronprinsessa, Maria Josepha av Sachsen De Louis XVI. gebuer den 23.August 1754, a gestuerwen den 21. Januar 1793, war Kinnek vu Frankräich an Navarra vu 1774 bis 1789 an duerno Kinnek vun de Fransouse bis 1792.Hie war de leschte Vetrieder vum Absolutismus a gouf zu engem Affer vun der Franséischer Revolutiou Ludvig 16. af Frankrig (fransk: Louis XVI; født som Louis-Auguste, også kaldet Louis Capet) (23. august 1754 - 21. januar 1793) var konge af Frankrig og Navarra fra 10. maj 1774 til 1792.. Ludvig var sønnesøn af Ludvig 15..Hans far, der også hed Ludvig, døde i 176

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English: Funerary monuments of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette (not their graves), Saint Denis Basilica, France. Français : Monuments funéraires (et non leurs tombeaux) à la mémoire de Louis XVI et de Marie-Antoinette réalisés par Edme Gaulle et Pierre Petitot en 1830, basilique Saint-Denis The execution of Louis XVI, by means of the guillotine, a major event of the French Revolution, took place on 21 January 1793 at the Place de la Révolution (Revolution Square, formerly Place Louis XV, and renamed Place de la Concorde in 1795) in Paris. The National Convention had convicted the king (17 January 1792) in a near-unanimous vote (while no one voted not guilty, several deputies.

Louis XVI imprisoned at the Tour du Temple, by Jean-François Garneray (1755-1837). Louis was officially arrested on 13 August 1792 and sent to the Temple, an ancient fortress in Paris that was used as a prison.On 21 September, the National Assembly declared France to be a Republic and abolished the monarchy.Louis was stripped of all of his titles and honours, and from this date was known as. Louis XVI. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Lyudovik XVI (1754.23.8, Versal — 1793.21.1, Parij) — qirol (1774—92 yillar). Burbonlar sulolasidan. Buyuk Fransuz inkilobi boshlangach, xorijiy davlatlarni Fransiyaga qarshi qurolli yurish. Anvendelse på bo.wikipedia.org ༡༦ (གྲངས་ཀ།) Anvendelse på bs.wikipedia.org Luj XVI, kralj Francuske; Anvendelse på ca.wikipedia.org Lluís XVI de França; Anvendelse på cs.wikipedia.org 1774; Svobodné zednářství; Anvendelse på cy.wikipedia.org Louis XVI, brenin Ffrainc; Anvendelse på el.wikipedia.or

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路易十六(法語: Louis XVI ;1754年8月23日-1793年1月21日),原名路易-奥古斯特(Louis-Auguste),亦名路易·卡佩(Louis Capet),法国国王,1774年即位,1791年后正式头衔更改为法国人的国王,1792年被废黜,并于次年1月21日被送上断头台。 其父法兰西太子路易为路易十五之子及继承人,但于1765年早逝. Luigji XVI i familjes Borbone biri i Luigji XV, i quajtur i Dëshiruari , ka qëne mbreti i Francës nga viti 1774 deri në vitin 1791, ditën kur i hoqen kurorën. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Louis XVI Louis XVI Popularity . Most Popular #25359. King #14. Born in 1754 #3. First Name Louis #24. Born in Versailles, France #1. Virgo Royalty #8. Louis XVI Is A Member Of . Born In 1754. Kings. First Name Louis. Virgos. Louis XVI Fans Also Viewed . Henry VIII of England. King. Marie Antoinette. Queen. George III. King. Salman. King Facts about Louis XVI 6: French Revolution. The beginning of French Revolution took place during the riots of Paris when Bastille was stormed by masses in 1789. See Also: 10 Facts about Luddites. Facts about Louis XVI 7: a tyrant. Louis XVI was viewed as a tyrant due to his conservatism and indecisiveness. He was viewed negatively by the French.

Ludwig XV., französisch Louis XV (* 15.Februar 1710 in Versailles; † 10. Mai 1774 ebenda), war von 1715 bis 1774 König von Frankreich und Navarra. 1710-1715 war er Herzog von Anjou.. Vom Volk wurde er der Vielgeliebte (französisch le Bien-Aimé) und später der Ungeliebte (französisch le Mal-Aimé) genannt.Unter seiner Regierung wurde der jahrhundertealte Gegensatz zwischen. Louis XVI (23. august 1754 - 21. jaanuar 1793) oli viimne Prantsusmaa ja Navarra kuningas enne revolutsiooni 10. maist 1774 kuni 14. septembrini 1791 ja prantslaste kuningas 14. septembrist 1791 - 21. septembrini 1792.. Louis päris riigi oma vanaisalt Louis XV-lt, kuna tema isa ja varasem troonipärija oli juba surnud.Ta krooniti Reimsis 11. juunil 1775 Louis XV qua đời năm 1774 và người kế nhiệm là đích tôn của ông, Louis XVI, người bị lật đổ trong Cách mạng Pháp. Hai người cháu khác của ông, Louis XVIII và Charles X, lần lượt giữ ngôi vua sau thất bại của Napoleon Bonapate El estilo Luis XVI (en francés: style Louis XVI), conocido en la Francia de la época como Style à la grecque (Estilo a la griega), [1] [2] es un estilo artístico de decoración y muebles que surge en Francia después del Estilo Transición, que había aparecido como vanguardia del Estilo Luis XV ().. Es uno de los estilos más representativos del movimiento neoclásico; abarca. Louis XIV (bahasa Prancis: Louis-Dieudonné, lahir 5 September 1638 - meninggal 1 September 1715 pada umur 76 tahun) adalah raja Prancis dan Navarre yang dinobatkan pada 14 Mei 1643 dalam usia lima tahun. Ia baru mulai berkuasa penuh sejak wafatnya menteri utamanya (Prancis: Premier Ministre) Jules Kardinal Mazarin pada tahun 1661.Louis XIV dijuluki juga sebagai Raja Matahari (Prancis: Le.

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Biographie courte de Louis XVI - Né le 23 août 1754 à Versailles, Louis XVI est le dernier roi de la monarchie absolue française. Son tempérament, éloigné des vertus de leader et de réformateur, peine à engager la France dans la voie de modernité et conduit le royaume vers une crise politique, économique et sociale qui participe à la naissance de la Révolution française Luis XVI.a (frantsesez: Louis XVI; 1754ko abuztuaren 23a - 1793ko urtarrilaren 21a) Frantziako eta Nafarroako erregea 1774tik 1791 arte, eta Frantsesen erregea 1791tik 1792 arte, izan zen. 1792ko abuztuaren 10ean atxilotuta, Frantziako Iraultzako Konbentzio Nazionalak epaitu zuen. Traizioarengatik kondenatuta, 1793ko urtarrilaren 21ean gillotinatu zuten

Airticles in category Louis XVI o Fraunce The follaein 2 pages is in this categerie, oot o 2 awthegither Louis XVI (Luj, Ljudevit) (Versailles, 9. kolovoza 1754 - Pariz, 21. siječnja 1793.), kralj Francuske i Navarre od 1774 - 1791., a kasnije francuski kralj od 1791 - 1792.. Unuk Luja XV. U svibnju 1770. oženio se austrijskom nadvojvotkinjom Marijom Antoanetom (Marijom Antonijom), kćerkom hrvstko-ugarske kraljice Marije Terezije. Na prijestolje je stupio 10. svibnja 1774. kao 20-godišnji.

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Luis XV de Francia (en francés: Louis XV) (Versalles, 15 de febrero de 1710-ibídem, 10 de mayo de 1774), llamado el Bien amado (en francés: le Bien-Aimé), fue rey de Francia y de Navarra [1] entre los años 1715 y 1774. Además, fue copríncipe de Andorra y duque de Anjou.Heredado el trono de su bisabuelo Luis XIV a la edad de cinco años, pasó sus primeros años de reinado en relativa. La ejecución de Luis XVI, la cual tuvo lugar el lunes 21 de enero de 1793, fue uno de los acontecimientos más importantes de la Revolución francesa.Dicha ejecución fue realizada en la plaza de la Revolución (actual plaza de la Concordia), anteriormente conocida como plaza de Luis XV.La Convención Nacional había sentenciado a muerte al rey el 17 de enero en una votación realizada a viva. Louis XVI (Luis chunka suqtayuq kaq) Louis-Auguste de France sutiyuq runaqa (*23 ñiqin chakra yapuy killapi - 1754 paqarisqa Versailles llaqtapi - †21 ñiqin qhulla puquy killapi 1793 wañusqa Paris llaqtapi) Louis XV (15. veebruar 1710 Versailles - 10. mai 1774 Versailles) oli Prantsusmaa ja Navarra kuningas 1715. aastast kuni surmani.. Louis XV sai kuningaks 5-aastasena ja tema täisealiseks saamiseni (1723. aastal) valitses regendina Louis XIV vennapoeg Orléans'i hertsog Philippe II.. Riigivalitsemisest Louis XV järgnevalt eriti osa ei võtnud, teda mõjutasid tugevalt tema soosikud ja.

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  1. Louis XVII dari Prancis (lahir 27 Maret 1785 - meninggal 8 Juni 1795 pada umur 10 tahun) adalah putra Raja Louis XVI dari Prancis dan Marie Antoinette, tetapi tidak pernah benar-benar menjadi Raja Prancis.. Pada masa Revolusi Prancis, Pangeran Louis dipenjarakan bersama dengan orang tuanya.Sebagai putra tertua yang masih hidup, dia dinyatakan sebagai Raja Prancis pada 28 Januari 1793 oleh.
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